Updates & Upcoming

Renovating the Students’ Co-op Part 4

Schedule Adjustments

The Transitional Board, General Contractor, NASCO and everyone have been busy working on the reopening of the Students’ Co-op. Due to construction delays, we have changed the move-in date from August 31st to October 1st.

President Hannah met with a city representative to do a security review, one of several planned meetings in preparation for reopening. Important deliveries have been scheduled throughout the month, including the Co-op’s new appliances. We’ve already received our shipment of new Co-op mattresses! This weekend, important concrete work will occur in the basement, bringing us closer to finishing construction. 

But the Students’ Co-op’s reopening is just the beginning, of course. After opening, we have orientation meetings, activities and elections to get the house running again. Stay tuned!

Membership Application Reminder

Are you a student interested in direct participation in running your own home? Consider applying online to join the Co-op!