Updates & Upcoming

Renovating the Students’ Co-op Part 3

Finances & Support

We have received new financial support from donors, other cooperatives, and local businesses. Our community’s financial support and encouragement are what give us renewed hope and energy every day to keep up the hard work.

In response to community feedback and the events of last Spring, in order to increase accountability, transparency, and management of the Students Cooperative, we are taking additional actions.

Property Management

We’ve been in conversation about our unique situation as a congregate living institution with Property Management companies. We think we have come to a really good balance between maintaining co-operative egalitarian values and helping individual residents stay fiscally responsible with our selected company. They will also maintain a snazzy online portal for our work orders and payments.

Owner’s Representative

We have also hired an Owner’s Representative, who will represent the interests of the Co-op in all our dealings with contractors — keeping all of us honest!

Permits Approved

Our building permits have been approved by the City of Minneapolis, and the renovations are underway. The Coop has completed the hiring of an Owners Representative to help facilitate communication and collaboration between the contractors, architect, and the board as we move into this next busy phase.

Dedicated Recruitment Staff

We are also thrilled to announce the Co-op has hired a dedicated Recruitment Contractor to work over the Summer and through Autumn to recruit new co-opers for the big reopening.

Hey! If you know any students looking for Fall housing, they can contact us at or head right over to our brand new …

Membership Application

That’s right!

We are officially ready to receive applications! Right here on the site. Spread the word. The more recruits we get the merrier!