Together in Cooperation

Welcome to the
Students’ Co-op!

What is a Co-op? ↗

Housing co-ops make up a very small percentage of the more than 40,000 cooperatives in the united states. You likely interact with businesses, products, and people every day that are part of the cooperative movement!

We are a Fair Housing provider for students, located at University of Minnesota campus near Dinkytown. If you are a student, and you’d like to live co-operatively this Fall Semester of 2023, then Apply!

The Co-op Needs Your Help!

We are fundraising to re-open the Students’ Co-operative for Fall Semester 2023! Please consider the following support options:

Donate (now through Cooperative Development Fund!)
The Cooperative Development Fund is lending us their non-profit status to help us cross our fundraising gap. Use this link and select the Students’ Co-operative – Mpls

Contact us to Lend!
We’d love your support if you can. Send us an email!

Purchases in our web shop help pay bills!

Event Calendar

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Updates & Upcoming News

We do our best to keep you up-to-date, we appreciate your patience as we navigate all the moving pieces! If you are an alumni, please join the Facebook Alumni Group to get involved and for more frequent updates. If you aren’t on Facebook, please e-mail us.

Statement About 2022 Incidents at the Co-op ↗

The COVID-19 pandemic and the societal turbulence of 2020 hit hard for all of us, and resulted in unprecedented instability in the Students’ Co-op. In October 2021, our alumni network was contacted by a concerned member […]