Pre-Application Readme for Prospective Members

We are delighted you are interested in living at the Students’ Co-op!

Here’s what you need to know about applying:

Delayed Opening

The Students’ Co-op is currently wrapping up renovations, and the opening date is to TBD. We will keep applicants and the public updated about any unforeseen changes to the schedule.

House Overview
  • 32 Member Capacity(>75 % Student)
  • 5 singles, 12 Doubles, 1 Triple
  • 500-800 $/month rent depending on room 
  • Shared Commercial Kitchen with shared commercial freezer/fridge space
  • Common Meal plan 
  • 3 Bathrooms; co-ed, shared. 1F Bathroom ADA compliant
  • Free in-building Laundry Machines
  • Paid Parking spaces available @$90/mo
  • Tool room/woodshop
  • Bike Parking TBD
  • Projector in Common Room TBD
Shared Governance

“We humans are wired for empathy by evolution.”

-Riane Eisler

Decisions are made cooperatively. One member = one vote. When we live at the Students’ Co-op, our motto is “we own it”. The house has been run by students since its creation in 1940. It became co-ed in 1963, and has always accepted people of diverse backgrounds.

We are newly a Fair Housing provider for students of low-income, and we are actively pursuing 501(c)(3) non-profit status. 75% or more of our membership will need to verify student status or educational affiliation.

Two Alumni members work with the Board to provide guidance, offer advice on maintaining the co-operative and answer questions.

Shared Living Space

“If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”


Shared Rooms*

When you first move into the co-op, we provide a shared bedroom — mostly “doubles” (and one “triple”). With seniority accruing equally for everyone (starting on your move-in day), you can earn points to petition for a “single”.

*While this is a typical policy, for the current process, upon acceptance, members will be offered a choice of single vs. double room (one triple). When the building is safe to enter, applicants who have been previously guaranteed a room will be offered the ability to tour the house and select a room. 

Shared Kitchen

Almost our entire basement is taken up by the enormous kitchen and dining area. It is the heart of the co-op, and the place you may find yourself encountering the most fellow co-opers.

Shared Common Areas

Besides our ample & comfy living rooms, we also have a large patio, a back porch and a garden for all members to enjoy.

Shared Bathrooms

There is one bathroom per floor. Each features a sink area even when the shower/toilet space is being used.

Newly Renovated

The antique house interior has been overhauled with new walls and doors. For the first time, new members of the house will be able to choose a color for their bedroom walls. (An early exercise in co-operation for roommates!)

Special Role

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

– Spider-man, probably

We all pitch in and have the opportunity to try roles that support the community. Everyone is expected to do 2-3 hours per month of approved work tasks, and de-ice & shovel snow on your assigned snow day. In addition, you will have a critical chore or elected position. Please read about the roles that appeal to you (and start to think about how you might design the roles as a decision-making member).


Kitchen Duty — they work with a partner to keep our large shared kitchen clean

Bathroom Duty — they keep our three restrooms stocked and clean

Common Areas & Recycling — they keep common spaces clean, empty and refresh receptacles

Utilities Duty — they keep our shelves, machines and tools organized

Halls & Stairs — they keep all the halls and stairs tidy and clean

Elected Positions 

President — facilitates meetings, networks, leads board meetings and more …

Vice President/House Manager — keeps people on task, buys supplies and more …

Treasurer/Financial Manager — manages finances for the whole house and more …

Secretary — takes meeting minutes, organize files and more …

Recruitment/Orientation — welcomes people to the house and more …

Maintenance Manager — organizes work hours, calls Property Management and more …

Food Manager — tracks requests, purchases food for the house and more …

Food Preparation Manager — prepares food for housemates and more…

Please check out our governance documents to learn more.

Look like a place you want to live?