Raw Creativity & TLC

Name: Afton Brooks

Pronouns: she/they

Period: 2017-2020

Quintessential Co-op Memory? Peering down from the second floor room Jeremy and I were in to see Luna and Kolo giving it their all dancing to whatever. Coming home to my first roomie Phil face down on the futon, in the pencil dive shape, was a bit tragically humorous — I don’t know how he managed to take 23 something credits while living there. The house was full of brilliant people! Finding a school-to-house-engagement-life balance was hard, but I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences for anything else.

Very Important Person to You? Jeremy 🤎

Favorite Co-op Meal? One of my favorites that felt so wholesome was when we were all mashing up a gigantic bowl of avocados together to make guacamole. It was prompted by an event we had where some of us shared the cooking of a meal which was meaningful to us in some way.

Favorite Co-op Party Theme? Our triple birthday party, Primordial Soup with incredible musical performances and the womb room. And of course the Halloween parties, dressing up as corn with a pocket full of corny jokes.

Do You Have Advice? How do you practice self-care? 😉

What does the Co-op mean to you?
Ahh the beautiful intensity of our co-op home. That big ol’ house has a spirit as strong as the memories we carry with from it. Reflecting on that time brings back so many !! From singing and dancing and making unheard of creations in the kitchen, to late nights of dancing ourselves clean with the humming fridges, the occasional long and arduous house-meeting, piling up on the porch couch, and of course all the existential check in questions at supper club that made me contemplate my every means of existence … can’t forget the bathroom hangouts and teeth brushing parties either.

It was a magical place, with real practical effort and passion that kept it alive. We all faced many a challenge, and hopefully realize how we grew from them. I like to think it all made me stronger and more compassionate in a variety of ways at least.

It’s where I met the love of my life, where I learned how to live with a bunch of people, and where I learned how to value community. Generally speaking, it was really where my awareness of self, society, the way certain economic structures impact the world, and the importance of taking care of each other and our environment was indefinitely deepened.

I’ve grown to appreciate the moments of levity. True, things could get chaotic, but while it was functioning I still find it pretty miraculous in considering how we found ways to organize so many dynamics of life in a house full of almost 30 people. The food plan was awesome, the friendships that grew were/still are nurturing, our discussions were momentous, our collective creativity was enlightening, and the ways we connected is unforgettable.