Students’ Co-op Inc. (2.675″ Vinyl Sticker)


The twin pines motif perpetually celebrates cooperation.

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The original Students’ Co-op logo was voted in circa 2012, and now it’s celebrating its 10 year anniversary in a new color scheme! But earlier, newer and future cohorts who like the logo, fear not, it represents you too! And if you just like it, know that each order supports the Students’ Co-op!

With a lovely matte sheen finish and a sturdy 0.15 millimeter thick body, this robust StickerMule vinyl sticker is strong enough for laptop cases, canteens and car bumpers.

This sticker features an oval shape with 3″ height and 2.675″ width and a shape-conforming paper backing for storage until you’re ready to slap it on something.

If ordered by itself, it’s shipped in an envelope with simple paper reinforcement to protect it during post.

Limited stock. Order while available.

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Dimensions 3 × 2.675 in