The co-op's yin and yang of utilitarianism are Chore Positions and Manager Positions. While all co-opers are required to do general maintenance hours (12 during school season trimesters and 8 in the summer trimester) it is still required that you pick a specialized position in either of the following families:

Chores presently include:

(5 co-opers) Dish A - washing all the dishes, except the cast irons - once a week (Sunday through Thursday)

(5 co-opers) Dish B - mopping the kitchen and dining area, cleaning prep tables, dining tables, ovens, stoves and cast irons - once a week (Sunday through Thursday)

(3 co-opers) Bathrooms - mopping the bathrooms, and cleaning all surfaces in bathrooms - once a week (Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday)

(3 co-opers) CAR (Common Areas & Recycling) - mopping the living room, den & porches, and relocating castaway items to the Lost & Found - once a week (Monday, Wednesday or Sunday)

(1 co-oper) Halls & Stairs - mopping the stairs, vacuuming the halls - once a week (Sunday)

(1 co-oper) Utilities - organizing the laundry room, tool room and turning the compost bin - (flexible days)

(1 co-oper) Food Prep - preparing beans, rice, veggie burgers and other "basic" ingredients for meal plan - (3 hours per week)
Manager Positions presently include:

(2 co-opers) Maintenance Manager(s) - Oversee work weekends, incentivize and motivate co-opers to get their general hours done, identify and prioritize projects, liaison with contractors, and - of course - know a thing or two yourself about power tools

(2 co-opers) Food Manager(s) - Buy food for everyone! It's harder than it sounds.

President - facilitate, plan and attend all meetings; maintain contacts and relationships outside the Co-op; manage conflicts in and out of the Co-op; represent the Co-op.

House Manager/Vice President - ensure all positions are being maintainted and followed; monitor and purchase necessary supplies; assist President in house upkeep.

Treasurer - Liaison with our property management company; assist in managing the budget; collect rent; understand and research fiscal, investment and growth opportunities for the Co-op; process fines and credits.

Secretary - Maintain internal documents, forms and lists; manage digital intercommunication; upkeep the website and the Co-op media; be present at and take minutes for every meeting; maintain internal record; publish alumni newsletter.

Recruitment Manager - Encourage applications; give tours of the house; maintain relationships with applicants; move people in, out and within the house.

Archives/Alumni Manager - Maintain alumni relations, and work with the secretary to keep historic records of the house.

UPDATED JUNE 2012 - Maxeem Konrardy

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