Our Greater Co-op Community

The Minnesota Students' Co-operative, Inc. - St. Paul Campus Co-op - Our “bizarro” St. Paul campus alternative - what a bunch of weirdos! Who would ever form some kind of intential living organization around the campus of Minnesota's prestigious university colleges?
North American Students of Cooperation - Official NASCO Site Our parent organization that helped us get started and continues to help us improve and sustain ourselves
East Wind Community - www.eastwind.org - A member of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, which produces delicious nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew and tahini) and which is a fantastic, loveable place to live to boot!

Cooperative Living Magazine - www.cooperator.com

Cooperative Grocer Magazine - www.cooperativegrocer.coop

Food Co-ops In Our Area

Hampden Park Co-op - www.hampdenparkcoop.com - Super cute and useful - great for a bike pitstop!

Seward Co-op - Grocery & Deli - www.seward.coop

Eastside Food Co-op - www.eastsidefood.coop
Co-op Partners Warehouse - www.cooppartners.coop - The place that we buy some of our bulk organic products, such as East Wind peanut-butter.