Is it difficult to get in?
IT IS! Do not half-ass your application! It will show, and people will be less inclined to vote you in. You must visit our house before we will be able to vote on your application. Some co-opers applied and got rejected … before being accepted on another attempt. Sometimes, it’s just about timing.

Can I get my own room?
The co-op has both single and double rooms; singles are generally allotted on the basis of seniority.

Who lives at the house?
The age of co-opers can range from 18–35 at times. Many of the occupants are students, but there are non-students as well.

What is the culture of the house?
From artists to engineers to horticulturalists, the culture of the house is always changing. Expect jam sessions on our porch and leap-frog in our hallways.

The Students’ Co-op is an equal-opportunity housing provider. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, class, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

What are we looking for in applicants?
In general, co-opers are looking for people that are very interested in living in a community and show an eagerness to work hard in giving back to the home that supports them.

How does your voting system work?
The applications are distributed to co-opers, who read them with each other or on their own time, and vote on them, within a scale of (-2) to (2). From the applications in circulation, the top numbers are chosen to fill any vacant beds. Different voting periods sometimes result in different scores.