Orientation Video


(We recommend that you make a copy of your completed application for your records)

Please complete this application honestly and thoroughly. Make it interesting! Your application will be read (and hopefully enjoyed, laughed at, and cried over) by all current Co-op members. You're probably more complex than words on a page, but try to give a Sense of You anyhow! Admission to the Co-op depends upon space available and this application.

  1. Basics
  2. Housing History
    1. Please provide references for your two most recent housing rental situations on the next page. If unavailable, please explain below. Please include Name of Rental Company, Contact Person, Phone/Email, Rental Address, Dates of Residence. By submitting this application you agree that you authorize us to contact your rental references and perform a criminal background check.
  3. Basic Co-op Obligations
    1. List of Basic Obligations
      • Pay rent
      • Devote 90 minutes weekly to a cleaning or managerial job
      • Devote 12 hours each semester to house maintenance
      • Devote one day each winter month to snow shoveling
      • Devote 3-4 hours one weekend night per academic term to kitchen cleaning
      • Attend house meeting at beginning of each semester and attend most bi-monthly meetings as well
      • Follow all other house policies in a cooperative manner
  4. Applicant Interview
    1. Choose and answer just 2 of the next 6 questions.

  5. Certify